Honoring Our Eighth Grade Student-Athletes

John O'Neill, Director of Athletics
June 22nd, 2021

2021 Athletics Banquet Honors Class of 2021

On Thursday, June 10 we celebrated our eighth graders at the annual Athletics Banquet. Every student was individually recognized for their athletic accomplishments and athletes even returned the favor with a “Thank You” tribute of their own. As with most everything this year, the event was modified from its original format and only included our eighth graders in attendance with families and other community members joining via Zoom. Despite only competing inter-scholastically for five of their nine middle school seasons, this group of athletes left their mark on the program and have cemented their legacy in its history. Thank you for everything you gave to the program, Class of 2021, and best of luck with all of your future athletic endeavors.

One of the highlights of the banquet was the naming the recipients of this year's Coaches' Awards. Congratulations, Isaac and Margot!

Isaac Frehywot
As one of his grade’s most skilled athletes and as an unquestioned leader among his peers, Isaac has secured his place among the Belmont Day athletics greats. He shined on the soccer field, wrestling mat, and track oval during his career, but he was not defined by his performance alone. Instead, it was his unwavering effort, respectful nature, committed approach, fierce competitiveness, and high expectations that separated Isaac from the rest. Coaches loved working with him and teammates loved playing with him. Thank you for always striving for excellence, Isaac. Good luck next year.

Margot Klug
Margot was a talented three-sport athlete at Belmont Day. Skills alone, however, didn’t separate Margot from her peers. Instead, her grit, her toughness, and her fierce competitive spirit propelled her to the top. Regardless of the sport (soccer - basketball - lacrosse), Margot’s physical play set the tone for her teams. She never backed down from a challenge and was just as eager to score a goal as she was to make a stop. A leader in every sense of the word, Margot was poised to pursue the elusive three-sport captaincy this year. Thank you for elevating Belmont Day athletics, Margot. Best of luck next year.

Students In Wrestling MatchStudent Playing Lacrosse