Track & Field

2020 Season

With the school's closure due to the coronavirus outbreak, our athletics program has transitioned to an offsite learning environment. Emphasis over this period of time will be on regular team check-ins and instruction that will promote continuous fitness activity, development of sport-specific skills, team building, and leadership opportunities.

Head Coach: Brian Laskowski

Team Captains

Scott Abbott
Elijah Allen
Sam Amaratunga
Henry Buckley-Jones
Cody Casanave
Dana Chang
Angel Chavannes
Alexander Colangelo
Camille DeStefano
Elena Ferrari
Isaac Frehywot
Kiki Friedbauer
Toby Gauld
Shireen Griffith-Ebrahim
Anisah Jordan
Sue Kelman
Ruby Kokinos
Bree LeGrand
Ana McEleney
Colby Morris
Piper Morris
Nora O'Brien
Miles Sandoski
Evan Seymour
Matthieu Small
Cole Sparks
Asher Sutton
Lucy Targum
Olivia Zhuo

Season Record

2020 Schedule